Black Forge Art

Artless & Road End signs

‘Road End’ as in usually (but not always) placed at the entrance to your property and ‘Artless’ as in without art (as opposed to guileless or clumsy). These come in a variety of forms shown below and are without exception extremely heavy duty, top quality, traditional, usually ‘Road End’ signs which are guaranteed for life.

The immediate consideration is whether your sign will need to be legible from both sides. A solid centred sign with white lettering on both sides obviously is, whereas a lot of initially enquiring customers miss the point that solid, individually cut letters within a frame are not.

From there we only need to know how large you think your sign needs to be (usually denoted by the size of letters available), see our prices and options and the most often repeated advice we give on a ‘what size’ query is that any sign (or weathervane) looks smaller once installed than expected.

Going out to your entrance with a tape measure or appropriate sized sheet or cardboard is a good first step to give you an indication of what size sign is required. Alternatively, email us a photograph and we will give your our advice on size and fitting options.

We are happy to offer advice as to the feasibility of your sought after sign design, style, size and means of displaying it. This design can either be one of our previous commissions shown above, or a completely bespoke sign designed and made to your own idea. We regularly work from supplied photographs, sketches and logos, sometimes despite these initially seeming a little implausible in their usability!

Don’t be shy of getting in touch, we are a pretty easy going and personable bunch who enjoy dealing with customers personally.

Once your sign commission has been completed it will be comprehensively packaged and delivered direct to your home.

Contact Us if you cannot find what you are quite looking for, or Click Here to view our prices and options.