Black Forge Art

Birds signs

Following are a selection of house signs containing mainly birds within the design, often included as an extra embellishment to create a summery scene with swallows overhead, however, very effective with any bird of your choice as the main, central to the sign theme. These signs are not mass produced, computerised, off the shelf, metal ‘stamped out’ signs, nor as our Americans friends would say, - ‘Cookie-Cut’.

Consequently, any design can be personalised to your meet your own specifications. Elements within the following designs can be added to or taken away. We specialise in portraits from photographs and sketches, and one-off commissions, are always enthusiastically undertaken. It’s what we do and it’s what we enjoy.

The following examples of previous commissions show signs as well as weathervanes because the main design elements between the two are almost always interchangeable, i.e. sign designs can be used as weathervanes and weathervane designs can be used as signs.

If you were interested in one of the examples below as a weathervane instead of a sign or vice versa, please contact us and we will supply, for your approval, an emailed design of how this would look, free of charge.

We are happy to offer advice as to the feasibility of your sought after sign design, style, size and means of displaying it. This design can either be one of our previous commissions shown above, or a completely bespoke sign designed and made to your own idea. We regularly work from supplied photographs, sketches and logos, sometimes despite these initially seeming a little implausible in their usability!

Don’t be shy of getting in touch, we are a pretty easy going and personable bunch who enjoy dealing with customers personally.

Once your sign commission has been completed it will be comprehensively packaged and delivered direct to your home.

Contact Us if you cannot find what you are quite looking for, or Click Here to view our prices and options.