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Prices & options - weathervanes

We want to make sure your Weathervane is just right.

Contact Us if you are unsure on any of the below by either phone or email and we will happily assit you

1. Which Design?

Either choose an existing design from the selection of our previously made commissions which can be found here.

Or, request a modification to one of these designs to personalise it.

Or, if you would like us to design a completely one-off, bespoke or portrait weathervane, then we regularly work from photographs, sketches and even verbal briefs supplied by you. Click here for more information and examples. Charges may apply for bespoke designs.

2. Which NSEW Cross?

Choose from one of our standard North, South, East, West crosses below:

*For Sphere Option add £80.00

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like a bespoke cross (I.e. different letters, more scrollwork, or even your own design!) – Charges may apply.

3. Which Mounting Bracket?

We have a range of mounting brackets suitable for all applications. Most popular is our apex bracket – suitable for gable ends, chimneys and walls, or our ridge bracket which mounts onto the ridge timber of your roof underneath the ridge tiles. However, many others are available, please specify your preferred location. Bespoke brackets can be made if any of the below are not suitable. Click on the (i) for more information below each option.

Apex Bracket
Ridge Bracket
Horizontal Bracket
Strap Bracket
Extended Centre Pole
  • Apex Bracket

    Apex – For easy wall, chimney and gable end mounting. Suitable for the vast majority of orders where the weathervane can be mounting onto a vertical surface. As standard, a 100mm wall clearance (4”) and a 90 degrees pitch angle. Strap pitch/angle and wall clearance can both be modified upon request.

  • Ridge Bracket

    Ridge – Solid Angle Iron with mounting holes with welded box section for centre pole attachment. For any ridge timber fixing, ideal for new builds, or installation anywhere along the length of your ridge.

  • Horizontal – For mounting onto a flat surface

    Horizontal – For mounting onto a flat surface.

  • Strap – For post or vertical surface

    Strap – For post or vertical surface.

  • Extended Centre Pole

    Extended Centre Pole – For mounting through a turret or cupola and fixed to horizontal support beam.

4. Size and Prices

All our weathervanes are individually handmade to order by skilled craftsmen and blacksmiths in our own forge. They are fabricated from top quality steel (iron), tig welded and finished to the highest of standards. All weathervanes revolve around a weatherproof pin and ball bearing. We do not cut corners.

Once fabricated, the entire assembly is degreased, shot blasted and galvanised (zinc plated). This is followed by a thick coat of polyester powder, electrostatically applied to the weathervane which is then baked on in our industrial ovens (I.e. powder coated).This combination of coatings will ensure many maintenance free years.

Below prices include the full assembly.

(Design welded atop arrow, NSEW cross of your choice and mounting bracket of your choice). Sizes refer to the width of the arrow and similarly the NSEW cross.

  • 18 inch (46cm) width
  • Standard shed size

  • £445.00 inc.
  • 2ft. (61cm) width
  • Standard garage size

  • £495.00 inc.
  • 2ft. 6 inch (77cm) width
  • Standard Single Storey / Double garage size
  • £595.00 inc.
  • 3ft. (92cm) width
  • Standard Two Storey House / Small barn size
  • £695.00 inc.
  • 4ft. (122cm) width
  • Standard Large House / Barn size
  • £895.00 inc.

For larger and specified sizes then please contact us.

For Costal Locations and the Ultimate in Durability, updrade to a Stainless Steel Weathervane:

Your weathervane will be made entirely from stainless steel and welded with our specialist stainless steel welding process prior to coating it black which will give you an unsurpassed, maintenance free weathervane. Click below to view stainless steel prices:

  • 18 inch (46cm) width

    Standard shed size. Stainless Steel.

    £585.00 inc

  • 2ft. (61cm) width

    Standard garage size. Stainless Steel.

    £675.00 inc.

  • 2ft. 6 inch (77cm) width

    Standard Single Storey / Double garage size. Stainless steel.

    £820.00 inc.

  • 3ft. (92cm) width

    Standard Two Storey House / Small barn size. Stainless steel.

    £930.00 inc

  • 4ft. (122cm) width

    Standard Large House / Barn size. Stainless steel.

    £1070.00 inc.

Design Fees

For modifications to existing designs (subject to approval) - £41.97 + vat. (£50.00 inc.)

For a completely bespoke design (Click here for more information on bespoke commissions) - From £83.33 + vat. (£100.00 inc.) (Subject to approval).


The combination of increasing demand and our ‘individually made to order’ approach (especially with one-off commissions) can lead to a several month wait. However, lead times for any previously commissioned design are substantially less, we also will work to meet special deadlines such as Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc. Please contact us and let us know.

Smaller weathervanes (18ins. > 2ft. 6ins.) - £25.00 (UK mainland)

Larger weathervanes (3ft. > 4ft.) - £35.00 (UK mainland)

Collection is always welcome FOC.

We frequently deliver internationally. Please contact us for a quotation.

Ready to Order?

Upon confirmation of we ask for a £100 deposit on all orders. Following which we will design (if required), manufacture, galvanise (not required for stainless steel weathervanes), powder coat satin black your weathervane and have it ready for delivery. We will then send you a photograph of your finished weathervane for your approval prior to the balance being due.

Contact us now to get the ball rolling with your weathervane. We look forward to hearing from you.